89 of His Last 92 Trades Have Been Profitable.
That’s a 96% Winning Rate.

What if you were right on 96% of your trades?

How much bigger would your nest egg be?

How would your life be different?

Think for a moment how much money all your losing trades have cost you.

What if you could not only erase 96% of your past losing trades, but could actually turn them into winners?

Unfortunately, you can’t go back and change the past. But stay with me for a minute and I promise I will teach you a specific trading system that could eliminate 96% of your losing trades and even turn them into winners.

Starting right now you can chart a new financial course. One that consists of making money on almost every trade you make. But I must warn you, it will require you to think differently about stocks and financial markets.

And to be fair, if you don’t have at least $10K - $15K in liquid trading capital, this method won’t work for you. You can stop reading right now… I don’t want to waste your time.

And don’t worry, I’m not going to make some outlandish claim about an obscure trading pattern that identifies stocks that always go up.

As nice as that would be, you and I both know that’s impossible. There is no individual or computer program so omniscient, that it always knows where a stock or market is headed next.

I find it amusing that humans want to believe that something as difficult and complex as financial markets, can be predicted with great regularity.

The truth is, the best stock pickers and market timers in the world, who have millions in research and analytic budgets, only get it right about 50% of the time.

How then, is the average investor with no research team or budget going to compete?

How To Make Money On Almost Every Trade

I’ll answer that question in just a moment when I reveal this unique system of trading that makes money 96% of the time.

The reason this system works so well is because it doesn’t require a stock to move up to make money. Of course you’ll make money if the stock goes up, but you can still make money if it trades sideways and even if it goes down.

I know that sounds hard to believe, and I don’t blame you if you are skeptical. But just ahead I will demonstrate how and why it works so you can see for yourself.

It’s based on the same principle that insurance companies use to earn billions in profits by insuring events that rarely happen.

Furthermore, this system doesn’t swing for the fences trying to makes astronomical short-term profits. Most traders who act in such a reckless fashion blow up their account and end up broke. I don’t want that to happen to you.

This system is much more conservative. It looks to earn between 1.5% and 5% in 30 days or less. Now that may not sound like a lot, but when you compound small gains like that over the course of a year it works out to be 19.56% to 79.58%... which is nothing short of impressive.

Warren Buffett created his entire $72 billion fortune compounding his money at 19%. David Tepper, considered by many to be the best hedge fund manager in the world, has turned every $1 million in his fund into over $149 million compounding at 30% per year.

In my opinion, what makes this system more attractive than how Buffett or Tepper made their fortunes is you’ll create your fortune with the majority of your portfolio sitting safely in cash and not exposed to huge systemic risks outside your control (I’ll explain in just a moment).

This System Works In Both Bull And Bear Markets

It’s no secret some of the greatest investment minds in the country are all preparing for another major meltdown in the stock market and economy.

Stocks have gone up for 7 straight years. Property prices are now back near or, in some cases, higher than before the subprime crisis began. Interest rates have been artificially pushed down to levels not seen in over 300 years with an increasing number of countries experiencing negative rates.

How will it all end? No one knows for sure. My guess?...Very badly. But following this incredible trading system, where most of your money sits safely in cash, you don’t have to worry about any of that.

Like I mentioned earlier, this system is built around the same statistical model insurance companies use to earn billions in profits. For example, car accidents rarely happen, yet people pay hundreds of dollars every month in premiums “just in case.”

Sure, insurance companies have to pay out a few thousand here and there when an accident happens, but in the meantime they rake in billions in annual premiums.

This system of trading works much the same way, only rather than insure cars, you start every trade you make by insuring a high-quality company trading at a discount to its true intrinsic value.

Most investors are unaware that the opportunity to insure a stock even exists. But it’s not new. Banks, hedge funds, and mega-wealthy investors have been exploiting this loophole since its inception in 1968.

Trade Like Hedge Funds, Banks, And Wall Street Insiders

As is usually the case, Wall Street insiders are always privy to the best moneymaking opportunities, while the general public is kept in the dark.

Every single month, hundreds of millions of “stock insurance contracts” are traded on a public exchange just like stocks.

And even though this market is dominated by large banks and hedge funds, anyone with the right know-how can insure publicly traded companies and get paid lucrative monthly premiums to do so.

The table below shows a specific transaction date and the potential income you could have earned by insuring 1,000 shares of each of the publicly listed companies for 30 days or less.

Now keep in mind, these results are not based on hindsight. Every single one of these stocks was featured and written about, and sent to the inbox of my Rebel Income subscribers over a 2-month time frame. More on this just ahead.

Each email contained specific instructions on which company to insure, at what price, and for how long (typically 17-30 days).

Don’t worry if you’re a little confused. It will all make more sense when I explain how this incredible trading system works. But first let me introduce myself.

Meet The Genius Behind This Incredible Trading System

My name is Thomas Moore. I started my career in the 90’s with one of the largest mutual fund companies in the world where I was consistently in the top 10% nationally for new money under management.

After the dotcom bust I shifted my focus to trading stocks and options. Over the next decade I worked for an investment education company which would later be acquired by one of the largest US based online brokers.

I was instrumental in developing their highly sought after curriculum where individuals would pay as much as $20,000 to learn to become an expert trader.

Throughout my tenure as a trading coach I developed various systems for trading both stocks and options and created more than a dozen different educational courses on every aspect of trading and investing.

I’ve also authored or co-authored half a dozen books published on similar topics and have personally taught more than a thousand students throughout the United States and Canada.

Today I work for Investiv, an investment research company where I’m chief editor of several investment newsletters. It was my desire to help individual investors achieve greater success with much less risk that led me to develop and perfect my Rebel Income system.

A system that has produced 89 out of 92 winning trades since I started offering subscriptions to the general public just under two years ago.

I hope you don’t feel like I’m bragging. That’s not my intention. My only hope is that you gain confidence that this system can help you achieve all of your retirement and income goals.

Why This System Wins So Often

The reason I believe my system wins on virtually every single trade, and the key to creating consistent long-term wealth in the stock market, starts with identifying great companies that are selling at a deep discount. This is the bedrock of the Rebel Income system.

Why is this so important? Because it mitigates most investor mistakes. Let me explain. If you slightly overpay for a great company that’s ok. Over time the business fundamentals of a great company will compensate for bad timing on your entry.

However, nothing can compensate for buying a poor or highly speculative company and having it plummet in value.

You should never risk capital to speculate on what you hope is the next big thing, unless it’s a very small portion of your wealth designated for this purpose and you are prepared to lose it all.

The focus of the Rebel Income system is to keep the bulk of your wealth sitting safely in cash while generating income by insuring great companies trading at deep discounts. The initial intent is to never purchase shares, even in a great company. However, when it happens it often results in you making more money.

Here’s How It Works

Every trade I make starts by first selling a put option, which is what I’ve been referring to as a “stock insurance contract.” Now maybe you’ve heard options are risky. Nothing could be further from the truth. When traded properly, options can be much safer than even stocks – and more lucrative.

If you are new to options here’s a brief explanation. A call option gives you the right to buy a stock at a specific price on or before a specific date. A put option gives you the right to sell a stock at a specific price on or before a specific date.

Because I don’t buy or sell call options as part of my initial strategy, I will skip the explanation and jump right into a put option. Because a put option gives its owner the right to sell a stock at a specific price on or before a certain date, it’s like buying insurance on a car only you’re buying insurance on a stock instead.

Here’s what I mean. If you buy 100 shares of Microsoft at $50 because you think it’s going to $60 over the next 90 days, but want to protect your investment, you could also buy a 50 strike put option (strike price = insured price) that expires in 90 days and it might cost you $1.75 per share (or $175 to protect your 100 shares).

Your total investment is now $5,175 ($5,000 to buy 100 shares of the Microsoft stock and $175 to insure it at $50). If the stock goes to $60 your investment is now worth $6,000 so you make a net gain of $825 ($1,000 gain on stock - $175 insurance premium).

However, if you’re wrong and the stock drops to $40, now your investment is only worth $4,000. But because you owned insurance on the stock (put option) you can sell it for $5,000. Now rather than lose $1,000, you only lose the $175 insurance (put option) premium.

So you give up a little upside for a lot of downside protection. This strategy is called a married or protective put and is a very responsible and safe way to use options. However, few investors actually do it.

Stop Losing Your Investment Savings

Most investors still gamble with their money and approach option trading like a game of roulette which is why they consistently lose money.

They speculate and buy calls if they think the market is going up and puts if they think it’s going down. It’s like betting on red or black, only the odds are worse - here’s why:

Because options have an expiration date, not only do you have to predict specific market direction, you have to know precisely when that move will occur and how far it will move. Will it happen in a day, week, month or longer? And will it move 5%, 10%, 15% or more?

Due to the many factors that determine the profitability of a trade when you buy an option, most options expire worthless and the buyer loses his entire premium. That’s ok if you buy an option to insure another stock investment like I just explained, but when you buy options to speculate, expiration is a bad thing.

The CME (Chicago Mercantile Exchange) ran some numbers over a 3-year period and determined that 76.5% of all options expired worthless. So as an option buyer or speculator, statistically you only have a 23.5% chance of making money. Like I said, the gamblers in Vegas have better odds, which is why the “smart” money typically only sells options.

By selling options instead of buying them, you turn the tables in your favor. Everything you ever thought was risky about options becomes a huge safety net because now you are on the receiving end of the premiums. When the gamblers and speculators are losing money 76.5% of the time, you’re collecting their losses as your profits and generating wealth.

Due to of the low probability of success, I will never recommend that my subscribers buy calls or puts to speculate on specific market direction. The entire focus of Rebel Income is to generate weekly and monthly income by selling option premiums and acting as the insurer of high quality companies trading at deep discounts.

Annualized Returns Up To 79%

Each initial put sell featured in the Rebel Income newsletter looks to generate a 1.5% to 5% return within 30 days or less. Annualized that works out to be 19% - 79% which is nothing short of spectacular and has much higher odds than buying options.

You see, whenever you sell a put option there are three potential outcomes. All three can result in a profit, which is why the odds of you making money are so high.

To show you what I mean I’m going to use three actual trades featured in my Rebel Income newsletter:

Outcome # 1: The stock moves up and you keep the 1.5% to 5% monthly premium as your profit and repeat the process.

Actual Realized Profit Of 3% In 22 Days

Outcome # 2: Stock trades sideways and you keep the 1.5% to 5% monthly premium as your profit and repeat the process.

Actual Realized Profit Of 5.59% In 30 Days

Outcome # 3: The stock drops and you keep the 1.5% to 5% monthly premium but are assigned shares in an undervalued, high-quality company.

In the chart below, I alerted my Rebel Income subscribers to sell a put option on 8/5/15 which expired on 8/21/15 (16 days) and generated a cash return of 1.41%. Compounded and annualized that’s a 37.43% return on your money.

But it doesn’t stop there. Because the stock dropped in value my subscribers and I were assigned shares in American Airlines at $40.50, which according to my analysis was a great value.

As we held our shares, I looked for additional opportunities to generate income. On 9/9/15, my subscribers and I used another conservative income strategy and sold a call option against our stock position (covered call) that expired in 16 days and generated another 1.98% cash return. Compounded and annualized that’s a return of 53.93%.

But it gets even better. On 10/26/15, the stock started moving higher as the market began to recognize its true value and we sold another call option and generated yet another 2.16% return in only 9 days. Which annualized, works out to be 137.62%.

Three days later we sold the stock for $45 per share, generating an additional 11.11% return in only 66 days. Compounded and annualized that works out to be a 78.65% return on your money. The chart below shows where each transaction took place.

Here’s the point I want to make: This trade generated four separate paydays…

1.41% - 16 days… 37.43% annualized
1.98% - 16 days… 53.93% annualized
2.16% - 9 days… 137.62% annualized
11.11% - 66 days… 78.65% annualized

That’s a combined return of 16.66% in only 2.5 months which annualized is over 100% on your money.

So, just because you’re assigned a stock doesn’t mean you’ll lose money. In fact, it might mean you make even more money because you can:

  • Collect dividends
  • Sell calls against your stock position for additional income (covered call)
  • Sell the stock for additional profits

The best part... your profits don’t depend on market direction. You’ll never again lose sleep wondering which way the market moves next.

And consistent profits of 1.5% to 5% in 30 days or less, compounded over time, can be more lucrative than swinging for the fences buying calls and puts and even more lucrative than just buying stocks.

What Other Rebel Income Subscribers Are Saying

I’m so excited about this method of generating extra income. Since subscribing to your service I have made 12 trades. All 12 have been winners. My average return on invested capital is 8.63% in only 19 days. Annualized that works out to be 160.86%. I’ve been trading financial markets for over 20 years and I’ve never seen a safer more consistent way to earn high rates of return with complete peace of mind.

Shane H.

I created Rebel Income due to a lack of legitimate services that educate individual traders about both the risks and rewards of option trading and then helps them succeed in creating income selling option premiums.

This is critical for retirees - especially in a zero-interest rate world where fixed income investments have completely dried up!

My competitors charge anywhere from $2,995 to $4,995 per year for similar services and you pay the entire subscription upfront. But you won’t pay anywhere near that for Rebel Income.

But before I reveal how little you will pay for this incredible service, let me tell you about 2 gifts ($528 value) I want to give you absolutely free just for taking Rebel Income for a risk-free trial.

Even though my approach to trading options doesn’t rely on specific market direction to be profitable, understanding a few basic things about technical trends, support and resistance levels, and a few key chart patterns can help you better time your trade entry and reduce the likelihood you are assigned the stock.

These two free gifts will serve as your go-to guides to understanding what really matters when it comes to technical entry points. They’re chock full of specific techniques and strategies to help you make money and create monthly cash-flow with options in real market situations… no fluff... no filler.

You’re probably asking, “why do I need these bonus items if I’m just going to follow Thomas’ exact picks in the Rebel Income newsletter?” The truth is, you don’t need them. You’ll come out just as profitable following my picks whether you understand the mechanics and analysis behind the system or not.

What Others Have To Say

I subscribed to your service about four months ago… In my first month I realized a $938 cash profit on a capital base of about $5,000 which works out to be 18.8%. In my second month I earned 7%, third month 16.4% and so far in the current months I’m up 11%. That’s a total of 53.2% in only 4 months. To say I am happy would be an understatement. I am thrilled! Your recommendations are making me a successful trader. Thank you very, very much.

Doug W.

I have been a subscriber for six months. After paper trading the first month I was impressed enough to continue my subscription and start trading for real. I haven’t lost on a single trade on your “trade of the week” selections. I’m on track to earn 40% on an annualized basis which doubles my money every two years. I’m absolutely thrilled with your service. Keep up the great work!

Allan S.

My wife and I love your trade set ups, especially the short time frame until expiration which gives us complete peace of mind and a higher rate of return. Thank you for providing us with such a good report!

Wing-Non & Wendy H.

Thomas, What better time than today to thank you for allowing me to be a subscriber to Rebel Income. I am 92 years old and for years have lost money trying to find a way to make money consistently using options. Your newsletter is a blessing and I Wish you many years of continued success.
Kindest regards & Happy Thanksgiving,

Bob F.

However, many subscribers like to have a knowledge of why the Rebel Income picks win so often; giving them even greater confidence in each pick. So I’m including these two gifts absolutely free.

Gift # 1 ($29 Value): My new book A Trade For All Seasons

In this 337 page book I reveal everything I’ve learned as an option trader over the last 20 years and is my free gift to you to just to say “thank you” for giving my service a try.

Here are the 21 things you are guaranteed to learn in A Trade For All Seasons:

Gift # 2 ($499 Value): 6 Video Modules Totaling 34 Videos

Module 1 - Identifying The Perfect Time To Place A Trade

In this 6 video series you’ll learn the specific keys to look for when it comes to identifying perfect trade setups. Once you know precisely what to look for, it is easy to find opportunity after opportunity to generate income selling option premiums.

Video 1 - Trading Signals And Rules

Video 2 - Trading Confirmation

Video 3 - Using Technical Indicators

Video 4 - Fibonacci And The Markets

Video 5 - Fibonacci Pivots And Trends

Video 6 - Fibonacci Time Cycles

Module 2 - Candlestick Reversal Patterns

This series will teach you to effectively analyze price movement by understanding candlestick formations and patterns, reversal patterns and support and resistance pivots which can help you further refine your entry points.

Video 1 - Starting With Candlesticks

Video 2 - Analyzing Candlestick Formations

Video 3 - Analyzing Multiple Candlestick Patterns

Video 4 - Additional Reversal Patterns

Video 5 - Identifying Support Pivots

Video 6 - Identifying Resistance Pivots

Module 3 - Understanding the Big Picture

These next 5 videos drill down and help you understand the Big Picture. As a directional trader, nothing can wipe you out faster than betting against the dominant market trend. It is true that as an option seller market direction is of less importance and you can actually earn richer premiums (more $) during a bear market. However, the last thing you want to do is sell a bunch of option premiums right before the general market falls off a cliff. Having a pulse on the Big Picture helps mitigate that risk.

Video 1 - Foundations Of Trend Analysis

Video 2 - Moving Averages And Trends

Video 3 - Trend Continuations

Video 4 - Trend Reversals

Video 5 - Using Trends To Forecast Future Price Action

Module 4 - Option Trading Essentials

If you’re brand new to options, this will get you started at the very basic level... and with the right information. If you’ve been trading options for a while, it may surprise you what you’ll learn... or correct any false information you may have been taught by someone else.

Video 1 - Basic Options Concepts

Video 2 - Evolution Of The Options Market

Video 3 - Introduction To Options Trading

Video 4 - Options Terminology

Video 5 - Using Options Greeks

Module 5 - Essential Options Strategies

Even though Rebel Income focuses exclusively on selling puts and covered calls to generate weekly and monthly income, many subscribers want more information on other option strategies. So in this video series I cover both basic and more advanced strategies to provide you with a foundation for understanding the mechanics of several types of options trades.

Video 1 - Buying Call Options

Video 2 - Buying Put Options

Video 3 - Covered Calls

Video 4 - Protective Puts

Video 5 - Using LEAPS Options

Video 6 - Calendar Spreads

Module 6 - A Trading System That’s Right For You

In the last video series, you’ll learn to build your own trading system which is customized to your time commitment, risk-tolerance and financial goals. Of course you can just follow my picks featured in Rebel Income and never have to worry about creating your own system if you don’t want to.

Video 1 - Identify Your Objectives

Video 2 - Trade Management

Video 3 - Your Trading Profile

Video 4 - Stop Loss Management

Video 5 - Choosing A Broker

Video 6 - Rebel Income - Building Your System

My new book A Trade For All Seasons and my 34 Digital video series is a $528 Value, and both are yours free just for giving Rebel Income a risk-free try.

The regular subscription rate for Rebel Income is $1,995 per year, however as part of a limited time special promotion, you can get my income picks that win over 96% of the time for the unbelievably low rate of only $97 per month and you can cancel anytime. Plus you’ll lock in that rate for as long as you remain a subscriber.

What’s more, I offer you an unconditional 30-day money back guarantee. If for any reason you don’t feel my 96% winning picks are right for you, just call my office toll free at 1-866-620-2664 and I’ll promptly refund your entire $97, no questions asked.

Since I started offering my trades to paying subscribers nearly two years ago, 89 out of 92 trades have been profitable. That’s a 96% winning rate.

Imagine how much larger your nest egg would be and how much further ahead you would be if you could go back and turn almost every single losing trade into a winner?

Of course that’s impossible. But going forward, how much quicker could you reach your retirement and other financial goals, if you made money on 96% of your trades? One thing I know for sure, you’ll pay for the cost of your subscription in no time flat.

You may be asking, why I would offer Rebel Income for such a ridiculously low rate? The truth is, it doesn’t cost me anymore to post my trades to 1,000 subscribers or 10,000 subscribers.

And I’m interested in creating long-term readers who subscribe year after year. So maybe I lose a little money up front, but make it up in spades over time.

Charging so little for such a valuable service forces me to put my money where my mouth is. If I don’t consistently produce profitable results year after year I won’t keep subscribers for very long.

I could easily charge $4,995 per year up front like many of our competitors, and even if performance was poor, I’d still make money. But you would lose and that’s not a good long-term business practice. Keeping the subscription rate low better aligns both of our interests and creates a true win/win relationship.

But as I mentioned earlier, to completely eliminate any risk to you I offer a 30-day unconditional money-back guarantee. If for any reason within the first 30 days of subscribing to Rebel Income you don’t feel it was everything you expected, I’ll refund your entire $97, no-questions asked.

And my new book A Trade For All Season and my 34 Digital Video Series are yours to keep absolutely FREE! ($528 value).

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Give Rebel Income a risk-free try - you won’t be disappointed.

Don’t miss your opportunity to create a fortune trading options the same way Wall Street professionals do it!


Thomas Moore
Rebel Income

P.S. Market volatility is sitting at 7-year lows, but that could soon change. Increasing volatility creates the perfect environment to profit from as an option seller. The greatest fortunes ever made trading options and derivatives happened in an environment much like today.

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